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13 Aug 2008 - Babysitter checklist

Finding adequate child care once your child has been diagnosed with diabetes can be frustrating. If you are having difficulty, try your local JDRF or ADA chapter. They may have a list of qualified sitters in your area. Also check with your endo's office, they should have some information for you. In addition, there is a website where you can register for free to search your local area for qualified sitters-

Once you have found someone to care for your child, it's very important to leave specific instructions for your child's diabetes care. Both the parents and the caregiver need to feel confident that the child will be well cared for.
Below is a list of some important information you should leave with your caregiver. Please note that this list is only a guideline and should be tailored to fit your child's specific needs, as well as to the amount of time your child will be spending in the sitter's care.

There is also a form in the download section you can print out and customize.

Signs of low blood sugars, tailored to your child specifically (a download is available here)

Instruction on how to treat lows

Signs of high blood sugars, tailored to your child specifically

Instructions on how to correct highs

Emergency phone numbers, including the endo's office
Insulin dosage amounts

When to give insulin

When to give snacks, what to give for snacks

Location of all diabetes supplies

Meal times

List of free foods

Any specific foods your child may not have

What is considered an emergency

How to use glucagon

When and how to test for ketones

When to check blood sugars

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