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15 Aug 2008 - Glycemic Index

The Glycemic Index (GI ) is a ranking of carbohydrate foods based on their immediate effect on blood sugar.  So what does this mean?  It means that a carb is not a carb, is not a carb!  Not all carbs react the same way in the body once they are digested.  Some foods, whether they contain large amounts of sugar or next to none, will make your blood sugar rise.  For example, many foods, even those with complex carbohydrates such as bread and potatoes, are actually digested very quickly in the body.  What that means is that they have a high GI.  And the foods that take your body longer to break down have a low GI.  Below is a list of foods and their Glycemic Index.

Glycemic Index Food List:

Food   Low GI Medium GI High GI
 Banana  X    
 Chocolate  X    
 Pound  X    
 Sponge  X    
 Angel Food    X  
 Apple, Oat & Raisin  X    
 Banana, Oat & Honey    X  
 Blueberry    X  
 Carrot    X  
 Cupcake      X
 Scone      X
 Donut      X
 Croissant    X  
 Beer  X    
 Brandy  X    
 Gin  X    
 Wine  X    
 Apple  X    
 Tomato  X    
 Raspberry  X    
 Soy  X    
 Coca-Cola    X  
 Pepsi    X  
 Gatorade      X
 Cinnamon Raisin    X  
 Fiber enriched      X
 White      X
 Rye  X    
 Whole Wheat    X  
 Pita    X  
 Bagel      X
 Baguette      X
 Italian      X
 French      X
 Oatmeal  X    
 Cream of Wheat      X
 Cereal Bars    X  
 All Bran  X    
 Froot Loops    X  
 Puffed Wheat    X  
 Raisin Bran    X  
 Cheerios      X
 Corn Pops      X
 Rice Krispies      X
 Shortbread    X  
 Vanilla wafers      X
 Melba Toast    X  
 Wheat Thins    X  
 Saltines      X
 Rice Cakes      X
 Ice Cream  X    
 Milk  X    
 Condensed Milk      X
 Mousse  X    
 Pudding  X    
 Yogurt  X    
 Soy/Tofu based Yogurt      X
 Infant Formula  X    
 Cheese  X    
 Ensure  X    
 Glucerna  X    
 Apple  X    
 Apricot  X    
 Banana  X    
 Cantaloupe  X    
 Cherries  X    
 Grapefruit  X    
 Grapes  X    
 Kiwi  X    
 Mango  X    
 Orange  X    
 Peach  X    
 Pear  X    
 Plum  X    
 Prunes  X    
 Strawberries  X    
 Canned Fruit cocktail    X  
 Papaya    X  
 Canned Peaches    X  
 Pineapple    X  
 Raisins    X  
 Dates      X
 Watermelon      X
 Rice  X    
 Corn    X  
 Risotto    X  
 Sticky Rice      X
 Tapioca      X
 Pasta  X    
 **Baby Foods**      
 Jarred Fruits    X  
 Jarred Veggies    X  
 Oatmeal, Corn or Rice Cereal    X  
 Beef  X    
 Cold Cuts  X    
 Eggs  X     
 Pork  X    
 Lamb  X    
 Sausage  X    
 Fish  X    
 Chicken  X    
 Artichokes  X    
 Avacado  X    
 Broccoli  X    
 Cabbage  X    
 Carrots  X    
 Celery  X    
 Corn  X    
 Cucumber  X    
 Leafy Greens  X    
 Green Beans  X    
 Lettuce  X    
 Peas  X    
 Peppers  X    
 Sweet Potato  X    
 Squash  X    
 Yams  X    
 Beets    X  
 Potato (Raw)    X  
 Potato (cooked)      X
 Pumpkin      X
 Parsnips      X
 Pizza  X    
 Macaroni & Cheese    X  
 Taco Shells    X  
 Chocolate Candy  X    
 All other candy      X
 Chips  X    
 Doritoes  X    
 Fruit by the foot      X
 Popcorn      X
 Pretzels      X

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