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Diabetes Camps

Birthday parties, field trips, sleepovers...these are just a few of the things that parents of children with diabetes will struggle with at one time or another. It can be very difficult to entrust the daily care of your child to another person. Children can often feel left out because there isn't anyone qualified to care for them at many functions.

Diabetes camps can alleviate the uncertainty for parents, and give the children a place where they feel safe and 'normal'. These camps are staffed with CDEs and other individuals trained in diabetes care. They assist the children with their daily care and help teach them to self manage their diabetes. Diabetes camps offer the same types of activities as any other children's camp, yet give parents the peace of mind that other camps cannot offer.

The following links contain information for many camps in all fifty states. In them you will find day camps, residential camps and family programs. Many camps also have financial assistance programs to help pay for camp.
Here is a complete listing by state of Diabetes Camps:
  • Diabetes Camps by State (A-D)
  • Diabetes Camps by State (F-I)
  • Diabetes Camps by State (K-M)
  • Diabetes Camps by State (N)
  • Diabetes Camps by State (O-R)
  • Diabetes Camps by State (S-T)
  • Diabetes Camps by State (U-W)
  • Diabetes Camps in Canada

  • If you know of any camps that are not listed here, please let us know so that we can add them.
    Sources: Diabetes Education & Camping Association Canadian Diabetes AssociationAmerican Camp Association, American Diabetes AssociationChildren with Diabetes, and  Everything Summer.
    The pages were compiled and formatted by Mindy Davis and Nikki Skellie.
    Last updated January 6, 2009

    "Diabetes Training Camp is a unique fitness, exercise and multi-sport training camp geared towards all persons with diabetes. Whether you want to learn more about general fitness or take your marathon and triathlon training to a higher level, this camp is for you! Your team is a phenomenal group of coaches and specialists, some of whom have diabetes themselves. They understand your needs as an athlete or exerciser with diabetes. "

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