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03 Apr 2010 -

Hello Welcome to Type 1Parents.
We have put together this little handy introduction get you familiar w/our community.

The first thing you should do is fill out the member profile. You can do this by clicking the PROFILE button above or anytime you see your username hyperlinked on the site. The profile contains some detailed information.about yourself. Fill in what information YOU feel comfortable sharing with us. Most of the sections here are self explanatory.Some may require a bit. Here we will cover a few of those.
  • avatar- your avatar is just a picture to represent you. It can be anything really. We have a selection of avatars to choose from or you have the option to either link one or upload here.
  • signature- signature is information you set that appears in every post you make. Its pretty much the same like you would use for email. Most people at T1P will list their first name (especially if they dont use it for their username) and will also list their children (esp the diagnosed kid). This is also where members put up a picture. (specific howto instructions can be found here)
  • map- The map is one of our newest features here. It allows you to mark your location. We would like to get an idea of where everyone is from and you can accurately pin your exact location. We do not require you do this if you don't feel comfortable doing so.

As with any community, an introduction thread is a great way to jump in and get started. For those nervous and unsure, we have actually made it easier for you and an intro thread was created upon your registration. All you need to do is reply and tell us about yourself.
  • What's that mean?- whether you are new to diabetes or message boards or both, you are gonna see alot of lingo you don't understand. Don't be discouraged. We are compiling this handy section that explains most of the common jargon and abbreviations you will find here at T1P. (Currently a Work in Progress)
  • Use the ladder or dive right in- being new is a very hard thing. Everyone was a newbie at one time or another. We understand. So if are the shy type, take your time and just browse or if ya feel like it, jump right in and start posting. Either way is fine with us. Go at your own pace.

Navigating the site-
Looking at T1P for the first time can be overwhelming. Here is an overview of the main parts.
  • Message Board (forum)- this is the heart of T1P. This is where all the communication goes on between members. For specific information on how the message board works, check out the help section. Its very informative.
  • Downloads- here you will found various form for you to download and print out to use. The selections here can vary from promotional flyers for the site, handy cheat sheets for diabetes management or anything else we feel can benefit. Most files here are in PDF format. You will need to download Adobe reader to view.
  • Arcade- a fun place to just get rid off stress. Some people sometimes stop here during the day to get in a quick game of Pac-Man. Its OK. We do require you at least post once before playing our games.
  • Gallery- we offer picture hosting here at T1P so you can share your pictures with us. The service is totally free but we do have size requirements. Images uploaded are subject to admin review before they appear. Don't worry- its a simple process and probably worked. You just need to contact one of the staff members to approve them.
  • Store- We offer diabetes related and T1P promotional apparel here. The service is offered by a third party. We just design and merket the products. A small % of sales comes back to help support the site and keep it online.
  • FAQ- We have more detailed information for a sections of T1P. One details the history of T1P and another is more geared towards the software that powers the site.

T1P was created to help people bring the normal back into their lives. Most parents we have met, feel overwhelmed and like they lost a part of their life. We are here to fill that void and get you back. It may not be normal as you know, but a new normal. Despite the changes, diabetes CAN be managed. You CAN have fun again.Its not the end of the world. Its unpredictable but we are here to help you. We all have our ups and downs but we are here for each other.

Again, welcome to T1P. We are your 100s of new best friends.
Stay positive.....stay strong
Until that cure is found, thats all we can do.

This page was updated on 3/20/08

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