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Welcome to T1P Tutorials 101.

Ever wanted to know- how do they do that? Well, listen up! School is now in session.
Here you will learn how to make the magic happen from the simple, like an intro,  
to our front page to the always popular "How do I post a picture?" Hopefully, these will  
answer all of your questions. If there's a feature you would like to see explained, please let us know.  

We do have have more coming- but knowing what you would like to see, could move some up the priority list.  
Oops, there's the schoolbell.........

Please forgive the crude audio!

Lesson 1

Intro to the T1P front page

Part 1

Part 1 will introduce you to the top menu bar on the main page of T1P.

Part 2

Part 2 will finish off the front page, covering both left and right sideblocks and the middle section.

Lesson 2

Intro to the Topic Posting @T1P

Now that you are here,

Don't be shy.

Start a new topic,

or add a reply.

Watch the tutorial and you will see.

How easy it is at T1P!

Lesson 3

Intro to your member Profile

Part 1

Part 1 will cover the basics and help you create your personal member profile @ T1P

Meanwhile, Part 2 gets a bit more advanced and introduces you to one of our newest  

features @ T1P....the Ultimate Profile. This enhanced Member Profile, allows a member

 to add their own custom background, add a more detailed background similar to

Myspace and provides you w/your own personal Photo Gallery.

Lesson 4

Intro to the T1P Photo Hosting

Part 1

One of the great features here is Photo Hosting. Part 1 of this tutorial explains how

to put pictures online using our Main Gallery and your own personal Gallery here at T1P

Part 2

Part 2 of this tutorial will cover and explain our Attachments feature here at T1P.

Part 3

Part 3 will cover using a third party hosting service such as PhotoBucket.

This tutorial is coming soon.

Lesson 5

Intro to the T1P Posting a picture.

Part 1

This tutorial gives you the basics on posting your own picture, answering the most

important question- "How do I add a picture to my signature?"

Lesson 6

Intro to the T1P Playlists.

This tutorial will show you how to add your own playlist to your Ultimate Profile using playlist provided by

That's it for now!

This page was updated 3/24/08

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