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the Tummietote & Sport Belt by Tallygear

I have been searching for quite some time to find a pump pouch/belt that is durable enough for the everyday wear of a 6 year old.  I think Ive finally found it!!  And rather than have all of you go through the same stress of buying pouch after pouch like I have, Im going to tell you about these products and why we love them!

Tallygear has a number of products for pump wearers.  I myself was able to try out their Tummietote and Sport belt.  While I do love them both, so far we prefer the Tummietote.  

The Tummietote is a large belt, a little smaller than the size of a cumberbund.  It is made of an extremely soft spandex/nylon material.  The belt really stays put and keeps the pump secure.  It can be worn completely under your clothing if you would like to hide it, which is something I have not had any luck with in other pouches, or they can be worn slightly over top of your waistband.   The tote that we received has a clear window that you can see the pump through as well as two other pouches without a window.  The clear window has been our favorite feature so far.  We only take the pump out for changes!  All bolusing is done while the pump is in the belt. The other pouches are the same size as the pump pouch and can be used for any other essentials youd like to carry! Not only can you keep your pump on you at all times securely, you can use the other pouches for a small meter, glucose tabs, or even your ipod!  Or as Emily asked me to add, your lipstick!

The Sport belt is very much like most of the pouches we have tried out in the past when it comes to design.  It has an adjustable waist with a hook closure.  The pouch itself is made of the same spandex/nylon material as the Tummietote,  extremely soft and comfortable.  The sport belt that we received has two pouches.  One pouch has the clear window and the other is solid. Like the Tummitote, you can fit just about anything in the extra pouch!

I also like that this product has so many other uses!!  I am actually considering getting one for myself!  The pockets are large enough to hold credit cards, cell phones and ipods!  It would be great for someone who walks or even to throw essentials in to head out to the store!  By-by handbag!  

Overall, I am very happy with this product and they will get repeat business from me!  I recommend that you all check them out!  This is one products that I can honestly say is well worth every penny that they charge!   Please take a moment and check them out!!  The prices are very affordable!

Thank you to Tallygear for providing the samples for this review.
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