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Myabetic  Xpress

During different conversations we have all had about what type of supply bags would be of interest to us, a small wallet size case is something that we have all been looking for.  Myabetic offers a great product that is perfect!

The Myabetic  Xpress wallet is small compact and easy to carry!  Designed to organize and store your diabetes testing tools, practicality and fashion are combined into an elegant accessory.  The dimensions are 5.5 L x 3.5 W x 1.4 D inches.  Small enough to easily slip into a pocket or to throw into a purse.

The Xpress  is made of a heavy black material that looks to be very durable.  It has two interior elastics, an elastic meter pocket, one zipper pocket, and one exterior pocket designed for credit cards or cash.  

In my opinion this would be the perfect supply case for anyone!  Especially boys who do not want to carry anything extra around with them!

Myabetic also offers a larger bag called the Cole that works well when combined with the Xpress.  Take the Cole and Xpress together when you need to carry extra supplies such as pump accessories or snacks.  When purchased together, you will receive a 10% discount on the pair!

Please visit and also on Facebook for more information on these great products and more!

Thanks to Myabetic for supplying the sample for this review.
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