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Pumptastic pump pouches

Pumptastic offers a wide variety of pump pouches, belts and band it pouches.  They are all very cute and stylish.  They offer solid colors, corduroy, designs and characters to choose from.  Pumptastic offers both children and adult sizes.  We were able to try out the Peace/brown pouch with a belt and the doggie band it pouch.

The peace pouch can be worn with one of pumptastics belts or on your own belt!  The animas pump fits perfectly in the pouch!  The pouch itself is made of a heavy duty cotton blend fabric that looks to be extremely durable.  It has a zipper closure.  The inside is also lined so that the pump is protected!  Emily loved this pouch!

The Doggie navy band it pouch comes with the elastic belt attached.  The pouch is made of a durable cotton blend fabric.  The pouch design is much slimmer and allows you to wear the pump a little more securely than the peace pouch.  I think it would be great for very active kids or for sports!  It also has a zippered closure.

I loved both of these pouches!  Take a moment to check the out at!

Thanks to mypumptastic for supplying the samples for this review
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