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Author Topic: Normal fasting results - should I push the doctor?  (Read 4311 times)

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Offline HD

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Re: Normal fasting results - should I push the doctor?
« Reply #15 on: April 29, 2013, 08:39:13 PM »
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  • As many D parents will say, "always trust your gut". 
    I hope it's not D, but if it is, we're here for you.     <fx'd> <hug>
    mum to Campbell (18) dx on 20 July 2007 Pumping with the t:slim & Dexcom, and Tom (14) non-D 

    Offline stefaniemsmith1

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    Re: Normal fasting results - should I push the doctor?
    « Reply #16 on: April 29, 2013, 09:44:33 PM »
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  •  <hug> <hug> <hug>

    Agreeing that I'd got pick up a meter and some test strips. I hear the walmart brand works well and is inexpensive.

    When we were watching our younger daughter for D our endo (our older daughter was already dx'ed) had us weigh her every week at the same time, in the same clothing. As soon as she dropped more than a pound a week or more than 5 in a month he wanted to see her. (It was tricky for him because she wasn't his patient.) And as soon as she dropped two pounds he called in a favor and got more specific labs done on her and dx'ed her the same day.

    Wife to my hero, Kevin
    Mom to Mackenzie (14, T1, DX 9/17/12, Pinging Green)
    & Kayleigh (7, T1, DX 11/20/12, Podding)

    Offline angieh

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    Re: Normal fasting results - should I push the doctor?
    « Reply #17 on: April 29, 2013, 11:32:12 PM »
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  • ((((Hugs)))) to you...I sincerely hope your daughter does not have diabetes - but if she does - two things. 1. This is the BEST place online for support and advice. 2. Your daughter will thrive and succeed and be happy. Even with diabetes.

    My toddler, who is not diabetic (and hopefully will never be), also wets through her diaper just about every night. She drinks a lot of milk - anywhere from 1-2 cups before bed. I recall that my son Will (who is 6 and has been diabetic for about 7 months) also drank and set alot as a baby. So - that could be totally normal.

    Nevertheless - it does sound like something is amiss with all the vomiting and whatnot. What about a food allergy??? Don't be afraid to seem like the "nutty mom" at the pediatrician's office - if I wouldn't have given my pedi the stink-eye, she wouldn't have tested Will's urine sugars that day and he could have became quite ill before a diagnosis was made.

    Please keep us updated, OK?
    Mom to W 6yrs old, diagnosed T1 9-19-12

    Also mom to little Miss V, 2.5 years old, non-D


    Offline Tiffany***

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    Re: Normal fasting results - should I push the doctor?
    « Reply #18 on: April 29, 2013, 11:58:59 PM »
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  • Celiac disease

    That all sounds so familiar.  Right down to the ped blowing me off.

    My daughter randomly puked for MONTHS.  I spent a year chasing a diagnosis.  She would wake up at night and puke then be fine.  She had explosive diarrhea.  I knew something was wrong with her but peds kept just blowing me off.

    Celiac disease. 

    That's what was causing my daughter problems.   

    Prior to taking her to the ER the night the diabetes was diagnosed I'd been given a diagnosis of Heart burn and gave Vivian Zantac.  When that didn't work I was told to give her more zantac.  When that didn't work I was told by that same ped that she was vomiting for attention.  You know because kids often puke for fun.  WTF.  I switched peds and the new ped did listen to me and suggested we eliminate dairy.  We did and she seemed to get better.  Eliminating dairy meant eliminating a lot of bread, so we eliminated a huge source of the issues. 

    then she refused to eat spaghetti, laid on the couch and cried. 

    Celiac saved her life. 

    Tiffany mom to 4.  T. 9-00 non-d  V. 12-02 dx 12-08  H. 3-07  E. 9-10

    Offline kcbscrapper

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    • 18 year old son - Dx type 1 11/09 Dx Graves 11/10
    Re: Normal fasting results - should I push the doctor?
    « Reply #19 on: April 30, 2013, 07:23:22 AM »
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  • Welcome!  I am so sorry for the wondering and worrying that you are going through, and so sad that your little one has been sick. Mommy instinct are really important to listen to!  I am Not sure I would be able to stay with a doctor or practice that felt otherwise.. Do you have other options? 

    Offline usbornetheresa

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    Re: Normal fasting results - should I push the doctor?
    « Reply #20 on: April 30, 2013, 07:56:05 AM »
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  • I am glad you found us.  We will get moms like you that are worried about their child and some of them end up staying because of a diagnosis but most of them find out it wasn't Type 1 and I truly hope that is your case!
    Mom to Tori (14yo) dx 3/2006
    Pumping with Animas Ping 8/2010
    Dex G4 10/2013

    Offline janette2005

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    Re: Normal fasting results - should I push the doctor?
    « Reply #21 on: April 30, 2013, 09:07:58 AM »
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  •  <hug> <hug> <hug>

    I agree w/ everybody else. Trust your instincts. Something seems to be wrong and you need to find out what it's. Hopefully it's not an autoimmune disease.

    We didn't experienced any vomit during our dx and I think we discovered in a very early stage, but I had to push a lot w/ our Pedi as well. Don't worry what they think or say, you are her mother and you have to keep looking for a solution to her problem.

    My nephew vomits a lot and dr say it's OK. But I do know it's not OK and I'm always telling them to be refered to a specialist. As a matter of fact, they have the Gastro appt today (finally!). So, there is a time when you have to say enough is enough and this has to stop. I guess they reached that point already.

    Test her bs, ck for ketones, but as you said there is another autoimmune diseases on the family, I will ck for them as well (just to be on the safe side and whatever it's, you can catch it early). My little one always had lots and lots of gases even breastfeeding. I knew something was not right bc his dad has Chron's disease. I ck w/ the gastro and he has the antibodies for the same medical condition.

    At the mean time, I would suggest your try culturelle or probiotic for kids. It's good for the stomach and specially when you are taking so much antibiotic. It has made miracles to my son (little one 3 yo).

    Good luck. <fx'd> it's nothing serious or even a medical condition.

    Janette (Mom of Adrian, dx on 08/25/2005 & Alexander Non D)


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