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Author Topic: Site changes  (Read 4277 times)

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Offline MommyAngela

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Re: Site changes
« Reply #15 on: August 30, 2013, 02:02:03 PM »
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  • Oh Stephanie, not a bad mom at all... I am not above bribes.

    After reading this, I definitely HAVE to post that the Dollar Tree and McDonald's in our part of town would not be doing nearly so well if I was above bribery or "treats" as we call them in our house. "If you can get through this with a good attitude, we'll have a treat later." I'd be a VERY rich woman if I had a nickel for every time that phrase has come out of my mouth.

    I see nothing bad about rewarding a kid for trying their best through something hard. I just tend to not make it every time, so they don't expect a pat on the head for every good thing they do.

    An additional note: last night was site change for Isaiah. He came out and started fussing about it. "I don't want to have diabetes!" We told him that we don't want him to have diabetes, either, and David told him that "diabetes stinks." Hearing that from his dad seemed to release something in him. We asked him if he wanted to say it out loud, and he said yes, but instead of that, he just let loose yelling all kinds of unintelligible mad sounds. When he was done, I asked if he felt better. He said, yes, that was how he felt about diabetes inside.

    Perhaps Chris needs a good yell about diabetes, too? It certainly brightened Isaiah last night. We even got the site in without a whimper.
    Angela, Mom to Elizabeth - 13, Luke - 11, dx 9/30/2006 and Isaiah - 8, dx 6/7/2010 both pumping with T-Slims

    Offline janette2005

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    Re: Site changes
    « Reply #16 on: August 30, 2013, 04:09:27 PM »
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  • Have you ask him how he would like to do it? Maybe he can come up w/ a different idea.

    What I did w/ my son is always showing him that it's not a big deal and it doesn't hurt. I used to tell him to put a site on me. He did it for a while (I hold his hand to make sure the needle wouldn't break inside my body) and it seems to easy the anxiety.

    Emla cream worked good when we were using the silhouette (bigger needle in angle). He was the one who decided he didn't need the cream anymore.

    Ask him where does he want it (but, arm, belly, thigh). But there is no negotiation bc it has to be done no matter what. Don't anticipate that you will do a site change. Be ready, call him and do it. He will have less time to think about it. When he is done, to stop the crying, then say it's your turn and he can do it.

    Good luck!

    Janette (Mom of Adrian, dx on 08/25/2005 & Alexander Non D)

    Offline stefaniemsmith1

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    • Discovering Our New Normal
      • Life With My Giggly Girls
    Re: Site changes
    « Reply #17 on: August 30, 2013, 04:35:04 PM »
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  •   <hug> <hug>

    Kayleigh is hysterical every 3 days over them. She is always saying that she'll take the shots over the pump. However, we are not giving her the choice at this point in her life. And we are not at all above bribery. lol

    And thank you for the dollar store tip. So much cheaper than target. lol (And incidently our dollar store is next to target. I blame the lack of sleep.)

    Wife to my hero, Kevin
    Mom to Mackenzie (14, T1, DX 9/17/12, Pinging Green)
    & Kayleigh (7, T1, DX 11/20/12, Podding)

    Offline oddangela

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    • I love T1P
    Re: Site changes
    « Reply #18 on: August 30, 2013, 04:50:38 PM »
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  • Totally down with bribery here too.  And have a standing offer for $30 and ice cream for a new site for dex or pod  :P
    Angela- Mom to S- 8/9/04 (dx 5/4/11)  G- 6/4/08 and L- 4/3/12 and W- 3/18/15

    Offline KaelynsMom

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    Re: Site changes
    « Reply #19 on: August 30, 2013, 06:23:23 PM »
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  • Glad I am not the only one who uses bribes!!

    Totally down with bribery here too.  And have a standing offer for $30 and ice cream for a new site for dex or pod  :P

    I am totally going to try this to get her to try stomach or leg sites....except I will exchange the $30 for a Princess Sophia dress that she has been begging me for. (which by the way I told her she could have if she cleaned up her playroom...that was a month ago!  <nuts> )
    -Stephanie  Mom to Kaelyn, age 7 DX 10/31/10

    Offline Lukesmama

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    Re: Site changes
    « Reply #20 on: August 30, 2013, 06:29:21 PM »
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  • It's been a long time, but when Luke was pumping, it cost me $5 a site change. do what you got to do to get thru it.  :'(
    Amy***Mom to Alex-21, Kayla-21, Austin-19, Luke-18 MDI (DX 09-13-09) & Kelsea-16

    "Let go or be dragged."



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