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Author Topic: Posting a Picture  (Read 4651 times)

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Offline Gail

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Posting a Picture
« on: March 18, 2007, 05:05:34 PM »
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  • Here are the directions for posting a picture on this board.

    First, go to and create an account.  To upload a picture from your computer, select the "browse" button and find the picture in MyPictures.  Click on the picture you want to post and that puts it in Photobucket.  Then click "Upload."

    Now the picture will show in your list on Photobucket.  Below the picture are 3 boxes:
    URL link
    HTML Code
    IMG Code

    In each of these boxes is a code.  For this board, you need to copy the code in the 3rd box.  Click in the coded box and it should automatically copy that code to your clipboard, or you can type Control-C (copy) when the code is blue.  The code will look like this (without the spaces):
    [ IMG][/IMG ]

    Now, come to this board.  All you should have to do on your post is type Control-V (paste) where you want the picture to show up.  In your post, you will see the CODE but after you click "post" it should show up, like this:

    One other tip while in a post - you can always click "preview" at the bottom of your post to see what it will look like before you click "post."  This will open a new window where the top shows how it will look after it is posted and the bottom is where you can edit your post.  If you need to make changes, do so in the typing box and then click "post."

    To Save it in your Signature Box:
    Use the same commands as above, but in the Profile section, Go to the middle section "Modify Profile Information" and select the 2nd one "Forum Profile Information."  At the bottom of that page is your signature box, type your name and the information you want there, then Control-V to put this code in.  When you are finished, click "Change Profile" to save the settings.

    To check it, look at any post that you wrote.  If it doesn't look right, you can go back and change it.  Anytime you change your signature on this board, it changes it universally on all of your posts.  To see how it looks, you can click "Profile Summary" at the very top or go to any post of yours to see how it looks.

    Hope that helps and works for everyone!  :)

    Part 2 of my instructions was going to be how to make them the 3 different sizes!  Avatar is what is on the left under our name, middle sized like my picture is, or larger.

    So let's try Part 2:
    To resize a picture using Photobucket, click on "edit" of the picture you are using, then click "resize" on the row of options above the picture.  You can choose Avatar, Thumbnail, Website or Message Board sizes.  Once you select one, you need to give it a new name (at the bottom, left side) and save it.  For example, name it "Daniel1" or something different than the name it is now!

    After you rename it, copy the 3rd line link (IMG code) and paste it on your signature or post this board where you want it posted.

    « Last Edit: December 19, 2007, 02:19:54 PM by Gail »
    Gail ~ Iowa
    mom of David - 18 (dx 12-23-03 age 13, MM 722) and Nathan (15, Non-D)

    Offline Chris

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    Re: Posting a Picture
    « Reply #1 on: March 22, 2007, 10:04:46 PM »
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  • to add a foot note to this-
    if you are just posting a picture for one time use in that post, try our attachment feature-
    If enabled, this feature allows you to attach files to your posts in much the same way as most email clients, so you simply have to browse to the relevant file(s) on your computer before clicking Post. You can delete your attachment(s) or add more by modifying your post, but please note that:

    The permitted file types and sizes are set by the forum administrator(s).
    Although most forums are likely be configured to display attached images as part of the post, it's not possible to preview attachments so you should always browse to and attach your files just before you finally post your message.

    After each post box, you will see  this at the bottom-
     Additional Options...
    Click on it and the attachment feature will appear.
    -Daddy to Emily (9) dx 6/24/08 and Christopher (14) dx 7/25/04 and Ava

    Offline Gail

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    Re: Posting a Picture
    « Reply #2 on: March 23, 2007, 12:27:48 AM »
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  • Yes, that is also how I am attaching a PDF file on the board!
    Gail ~ Iowa
    mom of David - 18 (dx 12-23-03 age 13, MM 722) and Nathan (15, Non-D)

    Offline Nikki

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    Re: Posting a Picture
    « Reply #3 on: December 19, 2007, 03:56:23 PM »
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  • I would like to add that you will not see your picture in your post until you hit post. You will only see the code.
    Mom to Morgan (18, dx 7-13-04, pumpin' w/minimed since 1/30/06) Jessica (24) Tyler (22) and Rodney (15) Step Mom to Mickele (29)
    Grandma to Hannah (10) Layla (7) Addison (5) Joey (3) and Zoie (1)
    Rotterdam New York


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