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Author Topic: Carb counts for homemade items  (Read 2654 times)

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Offline SarahMay

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Re: Carb counts for homemade items
« Reply #15 on: February 12, 2015, 06:41:21 PM »
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  • Kayleigh is very, very sensitive to insulin so I don't like to swag for her if I don't have to.

    Yeah, that's how I feel until my boys hit puberty someday and will need hundreds of units.  <roflmao>
    « Last Edit: February 12, 2015, 07:00:25 PM by SarahMay »
    Sarah - wife to Aaron, mom to
    Matthew (9) non-D
    Jonah (8) DX 02/05/14 (Animas Ping, Dexcom)
    Isaiah (8) DX 01/10/13 (Animas Ping, Dexcom)
    Gideon (5) non-D

    Offline MommyAngela

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    Re: Carb counts for homemade items
    « Reply #16 on: February 12, 2015, 06:55:07 PM »
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  • If I swag something wrong, my boys call that "dessert night." They're all for it, because apparently, I'm the treat nazi.  >:D

    That said, I do weigh my pans ahead and I've printed the carb factor list and taped it inside one of my upper cupboards so I can just open it to see what the number is really fast. For meals I make regularly, I add to the bottom of the carb factor list. I also use the USDA database ( to get close estimates on pretty much any prepared food. If I'm too lazy to do my own carb calculation, I'll figure that my homemade lasagna is probably pretty close to their sample lasagna. Same with soups, etc. Look in the column for per 100g, and look at the carbohydrate. That number (with a decimal in front of it) is the carb factor.

    It's nice for things like bananas, too, because you can look up the item with the skin on, and it will tell you the waste amount, and you can subtract it out, so I know that a banana with the skin on is .13. (Because really, who peels their bananas and then weighs them?)
    Angela, Mom to Elizabeth - 13, Luke - 11, dx 9/30/2006 and Isaiah - 8, dx 6/7/2010 both pumping with T-Slims

    Offline wildflower142

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    Re: Carb counts for homemade items
    « Reply #17 on: February 12, 2015, 08:48:30 PM »
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  • we weigh.  So for homemade foods i'd weigh each individual item put into the dish. And count the total carbs of each item. Add everything up to get the carb amount in 1 gram of food. Then weigh the individual servings.  There are some things we can kind of eye and say "that looks like 1/2 c. or that looks like 2 TBS.

    Chris mom to 4 girls
    Ashleigh (17) T1D 3/23/10
    MDI w/Lantus & Novolog
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    A1C 6.2%

    Offline BarbDwyer

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    Re: Carb counts for homemade items
    « Reply #18 on: February 17, 2015, 03:21:08 PM »
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  • He measures out a cup full of the carby thing and then he adds the broth if it is soup (which is mostly what I make).  If it is very meaty or very veggie we take a few carbs off.  We start with this for the baseline:  one cup rice, barley, beans or pasta - 45 carbs.  One cup potatoes 30 carbs. 

    So far this works.   
    Mom to 4.  Hunter 15, Luke 13, Brock 8, Ben 8. 
    Luke dx with T1D on 6/4/14.  MDI Novolog/Lantus


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