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Type1Parents (T1P) is a community started by parents of children with type 1 Diabetes. The goal of this community is to provide an online home which brings people together to discuss their frustrations, celebrate victories, exchange ideas & lend support to one another.

However, this is not your typical question and answer type message board. In fact, T1P, is not even a typical "Diabetes Community" While diabetes care for a young child is extremely difficult, we stress to our members that "they can do it" "and you are most likely taking it harder than your kids" Our goal is to help parents cope with the shock and awe of their child's Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis. We also stress to our members that there are other aspects to people's lives before a child's Diagnosis and should not be ignored after. We encourage members to share non diabetes issues too.

If you are a caregiver of someone w/type 1 Diabetes and feel the need to lend and especially receive support, we hope you would join our growing community and enjoy the FREE benefits and support T1P is offering.

Dear Guest, We hope that you are enjoying the T1P Community. If so, we hope you take advantage of more benefits of this great community by becoming a registered member.