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I hate you, Diabetes! (silly)

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I hate you, Diabetes!
On my life you are a drain,
Sucking up my energy
And chewing up my brain.
I hate you, Diabetes!
Why won't you go away?
Go on now, right out the door,
And out there you should stay!
I HATE YOU, Diabetes!
You icky, stupid thing!
If you would just leave me alone
I'd jump and dance and sing!
I HATE YOU, diabetes!
No capital d for you.
You don't deserve acknowledgement
You make me feel so blue!
WE HATE YOU, diabetes!
Just leave us all, RIGHT NOW!!
I'd love to stick a bomb under you,
And watch you go.... KA-POW!!

Double L:
Hate is a strong word. I love it!!

bravo! <bclap>


 <bclap> I love it !


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